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Let’s shop online! Advantages/Delivery/Sizes

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Is the beginning of a New Year, we have left 2019 and we start 2020 with better thoughts!

It is no longer a secret to anyone that the online environment has been growing rapidly for several years and is becoming more and more advanced in various fields. Starting with searches for useful things, general information, and online shopping, the comfort that the online environment offers is extraordinary. You can check your emails, order your favorite food, buy clothes, or house products right from the privacy of your home, car, or even from the street.

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Now let’s see some advantages and disadvantages of shopping online!

1. One of the most important advantages of online shopping is the saving of time witch is very precious for most of us!

Everyone wants to avoid crowding and endless queues. Patience sometimes has limits, especially in sales periods when we must have a lot and to leave home ready to endure the less pleasant factors of shopping. If you choose to buy online, with just a few searches on the right websites you will finish your shopping in a short time.

2. You can choose the best deals and offers and compare the best prices!

From the same computer, tablet, or phone you can check at the same time several products from different stores. Imagine how much time would you lose if you want to do this in a shopping center by checking more stores.

3. Save money that you would spend to go to stores! 

By doing this you will be able to use that money for your little pleasures!

4. You can make your purchases at any time, in the online environment the stores never close!

Even if you are not sure about a product or a purchase you can put it in the basket and buy it later.

3 disadvantages of shopping online!

1. You can’t try the products before your purchase! 
In the case of clothing items, if you know that the sizes do not fit you well, then online shopping might be a problem for you!
How do we check if the sizes are correct?
Most of the online shops should have the sizes in the product description, and at each size specify the cm for shoulders, waist, bust, or foot length for shoes. Also, check the table with related sizes for Europe, the USA, or the UK.

2. You cannot see the quality of the materials used, or for the food the appearance, and the freshness of the products!
For people who prefer to test products to see their quality, shopping online is not a good choice because sometimes you can be disappointed when you receive them.

3. Delivery can sometimes be a problem!

Although the store tries to meet the deadlines for delivery, it often happens that you receive the order late and the parcel is damaged. 
This is due to the large volume of online orders.

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