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Best Coffee: Ground Coffee or Beans? Offers!

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Every morning you wake up to the thought of a rich and aromatic coffee!

If you drink coffee every day, it’s the first thing you do to start the day on a positive note. Certainly, you have often thought that over time this “habit” can harm your health, you can experience tension problems, your teeth may be yellowed and even for your figure, you think that you could have cellulite.

However, the pleasure of enjoying a fresh coffee in the morning is irreplaceable and if you haven’t found it yet, you’re definitely looking for the perfect coffee to suit your taste.

But, I’m sure that for choosing the coffee that suits your taste you have definitely tried several assortments.

For the beginning, let’s see how we should choose a good coffee!

 1.  Is it better to buy beans or ground coffee?

Many people prefer to buy ground coffee for the simple reason that it is easier to make. All you have to do is prepare it in the usual way and it will be ready in a few minutes. You may not even wake up from sleep, and the cup of hot coffee is winking at you.

If you choose coffee beans and you are ready every morning to use the grinder then it will take a little longer until the cup of coffee is waiting for you on the table. But the taste will be much more intense due to the fried and freshly ground beans.

Also ground coffee is cheaper than coffee beans, which is an important point of view. It’s your choice!

2. Why are coffee beans more expensive?

Because the aroma that these beans have when grinding them is clearly superior to the aroma of ground coffee and packaged for some time.

Think about the freshness of a freshly made orange juice, how fresh and aromatic it is compared to an orange juice you bought in the bottle.

Another reason would be the process by which the beans are collected and roasted, then allowed to intensify their aroma.

3. Do coffee beans stay fresh longer than ground coffee?

Generally, the coffee is a product that, if it’s not stored properly, can degrade and lose its freshness, aroma even color. A useful way to keep your ground coffee fresh after you open a package is to put it in the fridge immediately.

For this reason, an advantage for buying coffee beans is that they will keep their freshness much longer, especially if they have been fried before, and the aroma and intense smell will be felt in every cup of coffee if you grind it every day.

For this, a coffee grinder is very useful in the kitchen. 

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A cup of fresh coffee every day gives us the energy needed to start the daily activities! It is recommended to consume but not to exaggerate!

If you like it you can buy me a coffee!

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