Summer Outfits: Best clothes to wear! |

Summer Outfits: Best clothes to wear!

We are glad that we have entered in the warm season, summer 2020 is very close and we are starting to prepare our wardrobe, outfits as light and comfortable as possible, fluid materials that let the skin to breathe and colors that highlight the long-awaited tan.

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Which are the best choices for summer clothes!

Summer is the period when we can let our creativity to fly, the choices of clothes are much easier than at other times of the year. It is time to let the skin breathe and enjoy the sun and the right clothes for this are dresses, flowing shirts, linen or cotton shorts, skirts and T-shirts in colors as light as possible but also colorful. Not to forget the accessories that are important, sunglasses and sun hats are also recommended because they offer a more romantic and summerish look to your outfit.

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1. Fluid and steamy dresses offer you great comfort during the summer, they are light and your skin can breathe easily. Skinny dresses are not recommended because your body will feel warm and your skin will not be able to breathe. A long, fluid and light dress gives you a unique feeling of freedom and uniqueness, romance and delicacy at the same time.

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2. Wide, oversized cotton or linen shirts are a perfect choice for hot summer days. You will feel very good when you wear such a shirt that you can combine with shorts, made of various materials (jeans, linen, cotton) or even with long but wide pants to have increased comfort.

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3. Comfortable linen or cotton shorts are also a good choice! If a woman had to choose between a pair of light shorts and a skirt most of them might choose shorts. Why? The reason is that pants are and always will be much more comfortable for any woman and in general for any occasion even if they are short, long, wide, or skinny.

On summer days when you want to go for a walk and you often do not know where you will end up, it is preferable to wear shorts that will be practical and comfortable. It does not mean that skirts are not also preferred but it depends on everyone’s preferences and style.

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Top materials for summer clothes!

It’s no secret that in summer it is not recommended to wear synthetic materials!

The best choices are cotton, linen, and silk!

  1. Cotton is a material made of 100% natural fibers and clothes made of cotton allow good ventilation and do not let the body sweat. Also, this material is soft and pleasant to the touch, does not irritate the skin and is durable, cotton clothes are washed and maintained very well for a long time.
  2. Linen is also a material made from the plant with the same name, and the properties of this material during the summer are remarkable. The feeling of coolness it gives to the skin is special and absorbs moisture at the same time. Linen clothes will always let your skin breathe and you will feel a freshness of the body throughout the day. The only disadvantage is that the linen clothes wrinkle easily.
  3. Silk is one of the finest and most special materials. Silk clothes do not wrinkle easily and have properties that can keep you warm or cold. This material can be worn both in summer and in winter.

If you know how to choose the right clothes depending on the season, you can take care of your health as well as ensure comfort and pleasure!

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