Summer Sale: Best make-up products! |

Summer Sale: Best make-up products!

How important the make-up is and how you can protect your skin during the summer?

These are just a few questions we ask ourselves as women because we want to appreciate our beauty but to highlight it also!

In the summer you are willing to try new looks that will highlight your features through different makeups and try new cosmetics.


A make-up as natural as possible, which will highlight your skin and highlight your facial features is always preferable because it does not load the skin and let the skin breathe.

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How to put on make-up and what products are recommended during the summer?

Top 5 tricks you need to know:

  1. Focus on cosmetics in natural, light shades that enhance your eyes and lips in accordance with skin color whether you are tanned or not. Highlight the features of the face by choosing products suitable for your skin, taking into account that in summer it is important to let the skin breathe and your look should be as natural as possible.


2. If you have clean and hydrated skin, try not to use foundation, especially in summer the skin must be allowed to breathe. It is enough to apply a thin layer of moisturizer to protect your skin from the sun.
In time you will see that your skin will stay healthier and you will be appreciated for your natural and healthy look. But if you still want to cover the small imperfections of the skin, use a liquid foundation, which stretches easily and has a high covering power so that you don’t have to load your skin too much.

3. To highlight the brightness of the skin, use a slightly shiny blush, in light shades such as peach color. Your skin will be highlighted discreetly and in a way that is as natural as possible. Keep in mind that sometimes it is enough to use just a little blush to enhance your beauty.

4. As eye cosmetics try mascara for long eyelashes and use only an eye pencil for a beautiful, discreet, and elegant contour. Your eyes will definitely be highlighted and will have the desired effect.

5. And last but not least, don’t forget about your lips that need to be hydrated either with a nourishing conditioner to keep them healthy, or choose slightly glossy lipsticks that do not dry but highlight your lips nicely. As a color palette, you can try both light colors but you can also be bold and you can use bright colors such as red, burgundy, or orange.

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A friendly tip: Be as natural as possible, you will feel good in your own skin and those who understand this will appreciate you!

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